Some people can get away with wearing completely flat shoes day in day out, but in the same way that many baulk at high heels, I can't 'do' flatties particularly well. And this is not just a side-effect of my passion for 'make me taller' stems: our feet actually need a bit of arch support to allow us to walk comfortably. Yet many casual shoes are flat as pancakes...

One brand I love but that is a little on the flat side for my feet is Converse - the iconic hi-top shoe with a million different looks. So I was intrigued to hear about Tailored for Taylor (that's Taylor as in Chuck Taylor - the basketball star behind the brand's hero shoe), a new company selling just one clever product: ergonomic insoles that fit inside your Converse trainers. They look pretty awesome too - and add a little extra colour and style to your shoes:

converse insoles.jpg

The science behind the soles is pretty convincing, having been dreamt up by a physiotherapist and an orthopedic engineer; the two brains behind Tailored for Taylors. The soles provide arch support - which relaxes the muscles in the foot and lower legs, cushioning to reduce pressure on the feet and breathability - which anyone who wears Converse in the summer will appreciate!

'if you'd like to line your Chucks, Tailored for Taylors insoles cost just 19 euros (£16.34) and can be ordered online here in a range of shoe sizes. You can order online from the UK.