Jelly shoes now come in all shapes and sizes, as Melissa's collaboration with Vivienne Westwood beautifully proved. But much as we love these scented, squeaky creations, the best jelly shoes remain the traditional sort: heeled, clodhopping chunky shoes that we used to wear to the seaside as children. So while we're on the subject, here's five reasons we absolutely adore our jellies!

1. They recognise the reality of the British summer. One minute sunny and you've gotta cool down, next minute: downpour. These beauties can cope with both!

2. They're cheap as chips. OK, so it is possible to make an expensive jelly shoe: Mulberry sells fancy ones for £135. But we much prefer a more trad-looking £20 pair from Topshop...

3. You can wear them in any colour. Just pick your favourite: you're wearing jelly on your feet, which is already a bit ridic, so just go the whole hog and buy it in a crazy colour you wouldn't usually wear.

4. The smell. Perhaps this one's a little weird, but the smell of feet on jelly is incredibly nostalgic and takes us back to our childhood holidays.

5. The glitter. Jellies look their best when they're strewn with glitter, and with the spring/summer sparkle trend you can indulge this look to your heart's content. We love you jelly!

And it seems a few style icons agree with us, too!

azaelia banks jelly shoes.jpg

Last summer, rap star Azealea Banks caused a stir when she rocked up on the red carpet wearing a pair of coral-coloured jelly shoes by Moschino Cheap and Chic, and we thought she looked just fab - the bright pop of colour created by the jelly looked dazzling with her pale and shimmery evening dress, and they looked perfect for a summer party. And this is the jelly shoe look that is really going to take off this summer: square, chunky and nostalgic.