I must confess that I am probably stretching the definition of a Mary Jane a little bit with my choice of MJM shoe for this week, but I couldn't resist picking out these delightful teal sandals by Kate Spade, and featuring them here before they're gone (they are currently on sale at the Kate Spade store). And they do have a strap, so I hope you'll let me get away with it this once...

kate spade teal sandal.jpg

Kate Spade 'Corrine' suede and glitter sandals >>

There is a very pretty, very stylish Art Deco theme going on here, and the colour of the suede is a key trend for footwear in 2013. We love the gold glitter, which is of the rough-cut variety and runs all the way down the heel for that extra bit of sparkle as you leave a room - exuding devastating, timeless glamour as you do so!

This being a Kate Spade style it's not available to buy direct in the UK, but if you're prepared to wait for shipping they are now a good price in the sale ($148 or £94.80). These would be a good choice of party shoe either in the winter or summer months, so could work out as one of those rare all-year-round shoe purchases that always work out so well.