Jeffrey Campbell has a particular talent for moving seamlessly with the times and adapting the trends to his current styles with ease. The latest example of this design prowess is in the latest edition of the Lita boot - which has a transparent perspex heel:



Available now at Harvey Nicks, the boots are the same classic Lita style normally seen with a chunky wooden heel, but with a wedge created by sheet of clear perspex giving them the impression of floating on air when worn. For those concerned about staying upright in these bad-boys, there is also a rubberised section neatly attached to the bottom of the wedge to avoid slippages. The uppers are made from real suede.

What do you think of the look - will you be trading in your old 'fashion blogger boots' for this new style any time soon? I'm certainly tempted! They're priced at £100, which actually makes them a shade cheaper than many of the original Lita boots.