We call it perspex, Americans call it plexiglass, and plenty more are just referring to those 'clear, transparent bits' that suddenly seem to have become and integral feature in footwear. No longer the preserve of strippers alone, the clear-sole is a big part of innovative shoe design, and we particularly love the way it can give the impression of a floating heel or a hollow sole.

Footwear design at the moment is all about pushing the boundaries of our imagination to the limits, as seen in the 'shoes without heels' craze, corkscrew sandals and all sorts of other crazy, impossible-looking shoes. The great thing about the perspex trend is that it allows designers to realise their wildest dreams without damaging our feet too badly in the process: creating a 'floating' heel using a clear, solid material means the shoe is still deceptively easy to walk in!

Here are a few of our favourite clear soled heels and wedges, including treats from Jeffrey Campbell, Alexander McQueen and Dune. Enjoy!