In my capacity as Shoewawa Editor, I make it my mission to keep track of all current footwear trends, featuring them on the site whether I like them or not. Some trends disappear, come around again and do something totally different the second (or third) time around, and it's fascinating to see how the looks are re-worked.

One trend I have to admit to not liking very much is the pointed toe. I can see the appeal as part of a certain look, but it's not one I could ever pull off and nor would I want to: pointed toes make the feet look overly long, and unless you happen to have narrow toes (I really, really don't!), they also hurt like hell. So I'm going to be observing and occasionally admiring this one from afar, embracing some other trends instead, until the pinchy toe has run its course.

How do you feel about pointed toes on shoes? I'm not talking a little bit of a point, but huge, lengthy winkle-picker style points that look like they could take out an eye. Vote below to let me know!