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I've noticed that there are important rules applying to polkadots, specifically the sizing of the dots in relation to the thing they are sitting on. Some seasons they're small: more like pin pricks on the surface of your shoes, other seasons they're a nice in-between size. But this season they are BIG: think Kate Spade's giant 'Swiss Dots' tights - and I like the way that Rocket Dog has interpreted the look here. The big black spots look perfectly placed on the cute, peep-toe style heel, and I'd love to party in this shoe with a flared, retro-style skirt.

Well, wouldn't you? The shoes look cute from every angle, and are well priced at £45. The summer may still be months away but there's no better time to get prepared, so why not pick up a pair of these beauties and have them ready to crack out once the clouds begin to part? They're certainly rocking up my wish-list!