I love a bit of raffia in my footwear: it reminds me that summer still exists as a concept, even if it's not going to be happening any time soon. Reiss has been having a bit of a raffia moment in its shoe section recently, and I love the way they've used it in spring/summer styles - with unexpected appearances of raffia on more 'formal' looking shoes. Their Fantine shoe, pictured below, is an instant hit:

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Here's a style we're seeing absolutely everywhere: a pointed, toe-capped court with a high ankle strap - but instead of the usual patent leather we have raffia, giving it an instant summer-friendly look without any of the formality we tend to associated with this silhouette. And if the flower is too 'fussy' for your tastes, you can remove it from the strap - though if I buy these shoes, it will certainly be staying put!

There are two more raffia shoes in the current collection, which includes the coral leather trimmed 'Paulet' shoe pictured below: with a definite nod to the 70s, it's crying out to be worn with a maxi dress:



So, we've got the footwear, now we just need a bit of that sun to to pay us a visit and stop winter from cramping our style!