I have to admit that I spent most of the weekend indoors, safely tucked away at home away from the torrential rain that turned into snow then slush as the evenings drew in. But the poor celebs attending last nights BAFTA Awards Ceremony forced to brave the elements as they filed in to the event on the red carpet - where we spotted a soaking wet Jennifer Lawrence, hoiking up her skirt to reveal a pristine pair of Jimmy Choo heels:

jennifer-lawrence-bafta-2013.jpgThe slightly bedraggled Hunger Games star lifted up her visibly dampened Dior gown to reveal the Jimmy Choo 'Anouk' pumps, which have long been a celebrity staple at high profile events. And while we felt for poor Jennifer, we couldn't help but be grateful that the mishap gave us a good ogle at her footwear!

She didn't appear to be too distressed by the drenching, but some have pointed out that it's yet another wardrobe malfunction for Jennifer. whose dress allegedly split open during the Golden Globes. What's more, as our eagle-eyed Twitter follower @ShoeRave pointed out, she also has a gigantic plaster flapping off her foot!

Here's an extreme close-up:


Well I guess it happens to us all! Now, here's the pure un-modeled shoe for those who might want to emulate the look...

jimmy choo anouk.jpg

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