Gone are the days when your shoes could quietly make a statement: nowadays they have to SCREAM that statement! Don't expect that a few gemstones, spiky studs or disco-lights will be enough to attract attention in the age of the quirky heel: it's all about letting your imagination run riot - so think lipstick heels, dinosaur-shaped wedges or soles that look like the Easter Bunny if you want to make an impact!

Some of these shoes are hugely desirable (who wouldn't love to rock Alberto Guardiani's lipstick heels as worn by Katy Perry?) but others are just downright bizarre. We won't comment on the relative ugliness of these highly unusual shoes, but feel free to let us know what you think: which you'd rock and which you'd...not! Pretty is a word that's seldom used by footwear designers in today's climate: avant-garde stars like Lady Gaga have given us much more of a taste for the bizarre - and for the grotesque.

Have you seen any completely mad heel lately?