Converse come in many colours - but they also make great blank canvases for your own individual style. I'm always impressed by those who take the trouble to customise their shoes using paints, glitter, ink, gemstones, studs and anything else they might have lying around at home - and thought it was worth putting together a gallery of some of the best examples out there.

If you're looking to design your own unique Converse trainers or want to buy someone else's custom creation online, you should find some food for thought here. There are loads of creative ways to make your Chuck Taylors match your style, from swapping the laces for different colours or materials to showering with Swarovski crystals and hand-painting the soles. There are even examples of wedding Converse here! Both hi-tops and lo-tops are featured here, but all styles were originally just plain old Converse shoes.

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