Jeremy Scott is one of the best things that's happened to trainers in a long time, and we're pleased to see that the kooky designer has no plans to hang his sneakers up just yet. In fact, we're seeing a fresh crop of his distinctive designs appearing in shops for S/S 2013:

Our very own Hannah Freeman spotted this amazing new style on a recent trip to Paris, and we're already in love with the glitter-strewn look. These are available to buy for £145 here, and are also in store at Colette now if you're hopping across the channel any time soon. 

And to prove that these spectacular items are not just for display, Hannah later captured this pic of a related style being worn on the Metro - perhaps a French candidate for our Shoe Tube column!


Totally awesome - even when battered about a bit on the streets of Paris! There's much more Jeremy Scott to be had over at the official Adidas store - including pink poodle shoes (ooh-la-la!), candy-coloured penny loafers, flame shoes and more!