Sometimes, a shoe just grabs me by the heart, and it's a struggle not to immediately buy it without a second's thought for sense or finances. This gorgeous style from Modcloth is a fine example of just such a shoe:



It's basically just a pointed flattie with four straps added on for decoration, but boy does it work: the result is a style with bags of character and the right pale and pretty colours to put a spring in your step - all so sparingly applied. The uppers are real leather with straps in what we call 'ice cream colours' around here: pale turquoise, lilac pink and baby blue.

The shoes are available exclusively through Modcloth at $75.99, which comes in at just a shade over £50 in UK money. As ever, this is a great retailer to shop with if you need international shipping, so why not place an order now in time for spring proper to hit? Delightful!