For some of us, Swedish Hasbeens are as much a part of summer as barbecues, sunglasses and (in the UK, at least!) rain - so now is a good time to pick up a pair at a great price while there is still some old-season stock available for less. Personally, I tend to think that SH shoes are so iconic it's not necessary to update them each season, so if I can find an older-style pair, I bag them:

swedish hasbeens uk

Swedish Hasbeens Ornament Clog Sandals, £68.99 at Surfdome >>

This style, for example, is a bargain at £68, compared with new season styles that retail around the £150 mark. Still available in various sizes, these are a great buy for anyone wanting to get the look at roughly half the usual price. The shoes are also available in black leather, so ideal if you're working the monochrome look this spring/summer, and I rather like the decorative 'lace' cut leather around the toe.

As ever, Swedish Hasbeens are a good buy for those who like their sandals to last, and they'll be particularly long-lived if you know how to look after the leather and wooden soles. There are some great tips here on caring for your Swedish Hasbeens direct from the brand. 

Please don't buy these all at once, I really want a pair and I'm holding out for payday...