Let's face it, socks and sandals are pretty much a crime against humanity, they're up there with littering or perhaps when you throw that cheeky lunch with friends onto your expenses. But it is fair to say March has tried its best attempt at squeezing out snowflakes from it's skies while, in the meantime the high street and designers have been stocking their shelves with the most tempting of sandals. So, what's a girl to do?

Socks, that's what. You need to keep those tootsies warm in these chilled times, so we're gonna give you the ingredients to make you to look C.H.I.C. and not O.A.P.

First, the sandals.. feast your eyes on these babies..


1. Dr Martens Pink Clarissa Sandal £90>>
2. ASOS Firefly Leather Flat Navy/Rose Gold Sandals £45>>
3. Zara Monochrome Two-Tone Braided Platform Sandals £49.99>>
4. Topshop Highjump Monochrome Clean Strap Sandals £32>>
5. Zara Neon Two-Tone Braided Wedge £69.99>>
6. ASOS Cheap Monday Stomp White Heeled Sandals £75>>
7. ASOS Black Flirt Sandals £35>>
8. ASOS Gold Faris Leather Flat Sandals £45>>
9. ASOS Mint Vacuum Flatform Sandals £40>>
10. ASOS Vagabond Dioon Strap Heeled Sandals £55>>

Pair them up with some of these little beauties.. We've gone with basic darks, monochromes and greys to keep things subtle with such a daring trend.


1. American Apparel Sheer Luxe Over The Knee Socks £8>>
2. ASOS Monochrome Half Ankle Socks £4>>
3. Eley Kishimoto Big Circle Over The Knee Socks £40.50>>
4. ASOS Peraline Trim Metallic Sock with Contrast Heel Toe £5>>
5. ASOS Lace Jacquard Ankle Socks £2.50>>
6. ASOS Ribbed Over The Knee Socks £5>>
7. ASOS Metallic Stripe Ankle Sock £3>>

And Voila! Pair with boyfriend jeans, midi dresses and skirts.. just make sure, at all costs, you avoid looking like this.

Enjoy my fellow socked and sandalled friends! But if you do it wrong, you have been warned..