Topshop have created another beauty, with these black-and-whilte 'Glimpse' heels, which have a fun, stripe effect flowing all the way through to the heel:



This is a look I'm really craving this season: simple style with single soles and a subtly pointed toe - but just enough interest in the colour and pattern to keep things from getting too plain or dull. This look ticks all the right boxes, especially with the 'cigarette filter' stye two tone heel.

And if you like this look, you'll be pleased to hear it's been rendered in two colours as well: 


The real leather oozes quality in the brighter colours, as the natural grain shines through. This colour will be a definite hit this spring/summer, but I love it in this golden shade of orange, too: pure colour block magic:


Love this look! Now which colour theme should I pick? They're £58 and available now.