We've just had the coldest March day since 1986, and by my reckoning this means we're in for an equally dramatic warm spell some time soon - just to make up for all the misery. That's how weather forecasting works, isn't it? Meteorological Karma? Well perhaps not, but when that warm spell does eventually arrive, I'm looking forward to wearing something like this on my tanned feet:

via-spiga-sandals.jpgGET THEM HERE >>

Via Spiga's wide-strapped sandals are a classic pared down style with a very on-trend single sole and tree trunk heel. I love the way the two colours in the straps are woven together, creating a subtly seventies, summery look. The colours are perfect for a warm weather palette and would fit nicely against khaki fabric, or similar tones.

The shoes are available from Nordstrom (with UK delivery) where you can pick them up now for £160.