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Isn't this just the most peculiar shoe you've ever seen? If so, you clearly aren't paying attention to our Ugly Shoes section - but this remarkable item is a hybrid trainer/walking shoe from 'sensible' outdoor label Camper - with a little help from exuberant, pattern-obsessed designer Bernhard Willhelm. This reminds me very much of a Swatch watch I had back in the 80s, blown up huge and turned into footwear. 

This would be a great choice for those who like to hike - but you'd definitely need the right gear to go with it! Teaming this with an anorak and weatherproof trousers would, I fear, send you hurtling into geek territory and not in a good way. No, your clothing would need to be chosen with care. 

Willhelm has designed a monochrome version of the shoe to accompany this wildly colourful offering, but it appears to be sold out everywhere. Did he go a little too far with this edition, or do you love the collection of quirky colours and patterns?