lips sneakers


We like to embrace the bizarre wherever possible here at Shoewawa, and you've got to admit that these lip-detail trainers currently available at Modcloth are nudging the boundaries of what we'd loosely call 'normal' - even in these avant-garde times of footwear madness. A gigantic monochrome sole contrasts on those huge red lips, resulting in a style that almost literally screams 'look at me'!

Also available in an eye-catching pastel mix, the shoe has a sporty silhouette combined with pure show-stopping glamour to lend your look a quirky appeal. You need to see these shoes from the side to fully appreciate their wonderful oddness: the 'platform' consists of a separate heel, with space in between the two sections giving a mad high-heel look worked into the season's must-have wedge sneaker look. 

Could you rock these crazy kicks?