Silver holographic heels

Annabella Rose silver Astrid court shoes >>

The trend for holographic heels, as led by Stella McCartney et. al. is making magpies out of all of us, but it's good to see that the same eye-grabbing effects can be created on a bit more of a budget, too. These super-high pencil heeled shoes available now at New Look are made by Annabella Rose, and I love the way the crinkly, prismatic leather resembles those lovely stickers so many of us used to collect as kids!

The 'Astrid' court shoe is also available in a lilac purple finish, but I'm definitely a bigger fan of this cleaner crystal-like look. The shoes have a chic, gently-pointed to and rounded heel section for a wonderfully curvacious look, and the heel itself is smooth silver. Astrid is £59.99 new in at New Look.