Jerome C Rousseau's footwear occupies a permanent spot at the top of my 'dream shoe' wishlist, so I was eager to see what the designer would produce for autumn/winter 2013. One again, I was far from disappointed: the pieces in the forthcoming collection are imaginative, attention-grabbing and beautifully made, with some really interesting colour combinations and choices of materials. 

From glitter-backed suede booties to delicate court shoes with artfully crafted heels, each shoe in the collection makes a statement and oozes sophistication and style. There are a few motifs we've seen before: giant-scale, semi-abstract animal print features in some of the designs, but there is also a move towards winter florals and the occasional touch of black lace. Pointed toes still reign supreme, as does Rousseau's familiar 'flam'e heel - i's a collection that will work beautifully with the season's heavier fabrics and darker colours

Click on the image above to see the entire collection!