Have you ever seen anything quite as cute, fun and festival-friendly as these 'Ruby' rubber boots by Shoewawa fave Lola Ramona? Nope, nor have I, which is why they're now firmly on my list for any upcoming outdoor purchases.

Lola Ramona welliesLola Ramona 'Ruby' rubber boots >>

Made from soft moulded rubber in a strawberry pink shade with candy stripes and kisses to decorate, these boots are a far cry from the brutish boots that many of us are used to pulling out whenever rain threatens to stop play. I love the lace detailing on the back, which is decorated with a little red love-heart fob.

The boots are currently available to buy online at £54 a pair, so if you want some kisses for your feet I suggest you get in now before the next (inevitable) rainy season hits!