TOMS Shoes continue to amaze and astound us with the endless number of awesome patterns they can put on a simple, slip-on shoe - and I think I might just be a little bit in love with the latest design: a scientifically accurate representation of the Periodic Table, carefully rendered in on-trend colours. It's absolutely delightful and sure to get a reaction...oh my geek!

Periodic Table TOMS shoes | Shoewawa
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Perhaps it's my addiction TV's chemistry-focused drama Breaking Bad that's got me so excited about this particular version of the familiar vegan classics, or perhaps it's just that TOMS can do no wrong in my book. Either way, I think that they have to be bought - probably the second that pay day rolls around (thanks to Selina of Never Enough Shoes for the tip-off there!), particularly since my last pair of TOMS have now been thoroughly worn into the ground. 

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