A friend remarked recently to me that shoes are a whole lot more interesting than they used to be! With an explosion of flatforms, crazy patterns, bold colours and embellishment, it certainly seems that this year marks a high watermark of creativity in footwear design, and in my world, that's something to celebrate!

Gone are the days when wearing anything other than black, brown or perhaps Navy courts was considered a bit 'out there': now, it's actually quite difficult to find a shoe that isn't covered in studs, irregularly-shaped or made up of at least two colours. Purists can still get their simplicity fix of course, but that's just one of many trends that are considered to be totally acceptable in the shoe world today.

To show you what I mean, I've hand picked ten shoes that define the season, from Kenzo's multi-coloured creations to Opening Ceremony's striking collaboration with Adidas. So pick your style here and wear it with pride this summer!