Yes, it's been a while - and in the meantime we've been busy totting up the results of the Ugliest Shoes Ever Made poll (just waiting for a few more of you to vote and then we'll announce them!) but it's time to nominate a new piece of footwear as this week's Ugly Shoe of the Week.

Here she is!

Shoewawa's Ugly Shoe of the Week!

It's easy to see what has most likely happened here: some poor designer working to a ridiculously tight budget was tasked with knocking up a shoe that looks something like all the 'out there' and 'avant garde' footwear currently causing a sensation on catwalks and celebrity feet, and did all they could to emulate it: the result is a particularly cheap-looking "stripper" shoe with a heel that looks not so much 'ground-breaking' as plain 'broken'.

It's not a pretty sight. 

If, on the other hand you actually like these things they're available on Ebay where they cost you £16.