Wedge trainers have gone from quirky statement shoe to wardrobe essential in a matter of months - and it's easy to see why: I love the way they hit all the right notes of style, comfort and height, all at once in a triple whammy of awesomeness. What could be a more effortless way to give your casual look a boost?

Upere wedge trainers

We've all been inspired by the designer styles at Isabel Marant, Giuseppe Zanotti et. al, and in my quest for more affordable pieces that do the same job, I've recently discovered Upere; a new kid on the block in the world of wedge trainers. Unlike many of the high street knock-offs, this US brand makes its shoes from quality materials with real leather and suede uppers - and a distinctive uber-chunky tongue that creates the fun, cartoonish look that's such big news in footwear just now.

Upere is a great destination for those looking to buy into the wedge trainer look in various different colours and styles, so there will be something here for you whether you like to wear wildly colourful shoes that let your feet do the talking, or prefer something to blend in perfectly with the rest of your look. Some are decorated with sewn-on stars, others are plain: you can check out the full range here to find the perfect look for you, or follow Upere on Facebook for news on the latest styles. 

wedge sneakers

I've been rocking a pair of Upere trainers in a dark wine colour this week - but I'm drawn to the paler pastels above that will be perfect for spring. These shoes fit like a glove and really are super comfy. 

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