Clarks 'Chorus Voice' shoe with Liberty Print and sweetheart cutClarks 'Chorus Voice' orange suede sweetheart cut shoes >>

The collaboration between Clarks and Liberty of London has produced some absolutely beautiful footwear over the past couple of years, and I'm really liking this cute coral suede shoe that has the heritage print subtly placed inside the upper. The shoe itself is perfectly formed and incorporates a 'sweetheart cut' indent at the front, giving it that extra special romantic touch without taking anything away from its versatility. 

While summer is a time to get excited about sandals and shoes that have a bit more of a 'casual' edge, it's worth remembering that people have birthdays and wedding and parties just as often if not more at this time of year, and it's always worth having a pair of smart heels at the ready to slip into when you're dressing it up a bit. The coral tone of the suede used to make these shoes will ensure that they fit in neatly with your summer wardrobe, while the classic style keeps them looking smart.