This style of shoe, which is being embraced particularly strongly by Converse at the moment, may just have to be filed in my mental list of "shoe styles I will never understand". The basic, familiar plimsoll (which I love) is stuffed with a multitude of tongues - which does serve to add a bit of colour, but I'm really not sure the end result is very stylish. 

Frankly, it looks like something went a bit wrong at the factory... 

Multi-tongue Converse. Yay or nay?

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Multiple Tongue Shoes, £49.99 >>

What's more, every tongue is stamped with the All Star logo, which feels like overkill and probably significantly ramps up the price of what is otherwise a very ordinary pair of lo-top Chucks. And it must be annoying having to pull back not just one, but *count them* five flapping tongues every time you put the shoes on.

If these shoes could speak...they wouldn't be able to speak. They'd say "nynynynynynynynr', because they wouldn't be able to get the words out. 

I'm so confused by this new style that I'm going to have to put this one over to you, just in case I'm missing something here. So for an early Yay or Nay, what do you think of these kicks?