Gothic footwear has come a long way since the days when all Goths wore DM boots or spiky black stilettos (and that was just the boys...). To celebrate the darkness-fest that is World Goth Day, we've rounded up some examples of the best Gothic footwear from all corners of the subculture - incorporating Gothic Lolita, Cyber Goth, Steampunk, Trad Goth and more.

Goth is such a huge influence in fashion at the moment that it's sometimes hard to distinguish Goth-inspired from original Goth footwear! But we're focusing on the latter in thi gallery; the original pioneers that have been creating spooky shoes for spooky kids for as long as they've existed. It includes the likes of New Rock, Demonia, Alternative Footwear, Pleaser and more. So grab your Sisters of Mercy CDs, pull one some black fishnet tights (preferably ripped), light your incense and get your gloom on for some gorgeously gothic footwear!

Click on the image above to see them all!