I'm a little bit obsessed with H&M's Conscious Collection. As someone who prefers to buy ethically-produced products wherever possible, clothes and shoes have long presented a problem due to the prohibitive prices of many 'ethical' labels. Happily, H&M is now showing us that protecting the earth does not have to cost the earth, and this cute little eco capsule collection is slowly making its way into my wardrobe, piece by piece. But did you know there were shoes, too?

H&M Conscious Collection shoes | Shoewawa.com

H&M Conscious Collection white and metallic detail sandals, £29 >>

The shoes are in perfect keeping with this season's obsession with clean lines and the stripped-back aesthetic, and there's the perfect interplay between the large white areas and the sparingly applied shimmery green and blue metallics. This is a fantastic price for a shoe that will make you feel great inside and out. Ideally paired with the khaki and neon-embellished garments in the rest of the collection, they'll be a fun and eye-catching addition to your summer wardrobe.