If Tony Stark himself were to design a pair of shoes for Pepper Potts, what would they look like? The answer - according to footwear design maverick Julian Hakes - is this:

Julian Hakes X Marvel Iron Man 3 Mojito Shoe | Shoewawa.com

The iconic Mojito shoe has been given a brand new paint job with a gleaming gold and scarlet finish, complete with LED light resembling the 'ARC-reactor' that powers Iron Man's suit. They definitely bring to mind the brash-but-bold superhero, whose latest movie became the biggest box office smash of the year this weekend. 

If you're wondering where to bag a pair, this is sadly a one-off - but with demand growing for the unorthodox shoe, there will soon be plenty more Mojito shoes with brand new colour combinations available to buy soon. There is currently a good selection of the shoes at Cloggs and Schuh

Iron Man 3 Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes | Shoewawa.com

Julian Hakes said of his supercharged new shoe: "Because of my design and engineering background, I've always been fascinated by Tony Stark in Marvel's Iron Man comic books and films. The 'Mojito' shoe is a result of an architectural driven process," 

"After realising that only the heel and ball of the feet require support to maximise comfort, I created many different prototypes before arriving at the 'Mojito' design - perhaps even rivalling the number of suits created by Tony Stark!"

But would Pepper Potts actually wear them? Absolutely yes, it seems: Gwyneth Paltrow has already shown herself to be a fan of Hakes' work, having donated a signed white pair of Hakes' 'Mojito' shoes to help raise money for 'Stand Up For Cancer UK' last year.