Looking for another awesome designer-a-like bargain that will have everyone guessing whether you really did put a cool £1k on your card and nab a pair of must-have Lanvin wedges? You might want to check out this tri-colour shoe from Jeffrey Campbell at Modcloth, which looks strangely familiar...


Cheaper copy of Lanvin perspex wedges

Jeffrey Campbell 'Top of your Glass' heel, £124 >>

Lanvin leather and patent brogue-style wedges, £910 >>

There's little left to the imagination in Campbell's copy (I think it's fair for me to refer to it as such!) beyond the ankle strap and the materials used - and as with all JC products if it looks like leather, it is real leather so this is no tacky high-street knock-off. But here's the controversial bit: I think I actually prefer this design to the original Lanvin shoe. 

Despite the lack of difference between the two, Jeffrey Campbell's has that distinctively youthful twist that we're so used to seeing in his shoes, and I like the strength of the colour in the apricot tan sections. Perhaps it lacks something of the elegance of the Lanvin shoe, but elegance has never been one of Campbell's strong suits and if it's edgy and urban cool you're after, that will worik for you just fine.