Christian Louboutin One Bow 120 shoes

Christian Louboutin One Bow 120 suede and PVC sandals >>

Let's face it: only Christian Louboutin could have the design skills needed to make a shoe with PVC that still succeeds in looking cute and girly! 

In his One Bow 120 shoe, we see just how well he keeps to his style principles even while working in this decidedly 'edgy' footwear material. In this case, it's used to mount a gigantic bow, which gives the shoes a squeaky clean 'Minnie Mouse' look, and also gives the impression of the wearer having the bows stuck directly on to her bare feet.

It's a crazy combination, but somehow it works. This is actually quite a restrained look for Louboutin, who has stopped short of painting his signature red on the back of the heels, limiting it to the back of the sole instead. The all-over black suede provides an on-trend minimalism, without taking anything away from this shoe's innate cuteness. 

Available now from Net-a-Porter, the shoes are priced at £575.