I'm really craving simplicity in my footwear at the moment, partly to match up with the clean lines and pared-down elegance that's such an important element of the rest of our summer wardrobes. Kurt Geiger has really nailed the look, bringing out a line of super simple flat sandals in a range of leather finishes:

Kurt Geiger 'Match' sandals

Kurt Geiger 'Match' sandal in metallic pink >> 

What's intriguing about these shoes if the complete lack of anything unnecessary: I really don't think there is anything else the designers could have taken out to make them more fuss-free. This is footwear at its most basic, and there's something quite appealing in that. This completely pared-down aesthetic is also the reason why they look so great in a crazy finish like metallic pink: it provides that essential little bit of interest that stops simple from morphing into dull.

Priced at £45, the 'Match' sandal is available in a range of different colour ways and is available to buy now. I would love to wear these with some of the season's embellished jump suits or shift dresses - but you really could match it with anything you might find lurking in your summer wardrobe. Perhaps that's why they've called it 'Match'!