Shoes at & Other Stories |

There's some real magic being worked over at & Other Stories at the moment, and the nascent brand is already working its way firmly into our collective fashion psyche. The shoe collection is particularly strong, and what I love best about it is the way it echoes so many of the details and styling of the garments elsewhere in the range. 

This smudgy floral print block heel sandal is very much on trend for the summer season, and picks up the same print used on everything from maxi-skirts to headbands available from the store. That's one of the great things I'm finding about & Other Stories: every piece is part of a bigger whole - which also makes it extremely hard to stick to a budget and pick out just one piece in isolation! 

Fortunately, for what you get the prices are also extremely reasonable: at several stores with a similar aesthetic I'd expect to be paying up to around £120 for a pair of shoes looking like this - but they actually come in at just £45 - not bad for a style that looks like it walked straight off the catwalk.