Stripes are one of the biggest trends of the summer, thanks in part to the influence of Marc Jacobs, whose S/S 2013 collection has inspired designers across the board. Bold, graphic lines in monochrome or navy blue are the most popular, with plenty of designers going down the traditionally summery red and blue route as well - particularly Roger Vivier, who has brought back the sailor look in a way that we can't help but love. This is a tried-and-tested look that's come and gone more times than the average shoe-lover could care to remember - which means it's also a look that's very hard to get wrong!

In this gallery, I've stuck to higher-end shoes to give an idea of the types of looks that will be dominating for the rest of the season - but all of these styles have made a huge impact on the more affordable high street, too. So get ready to let your feet do the talking with these bold and bright patterns - all ready to match or clash with your summer wardrobe.

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