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Sandals don't come much more statement-making than Cynthia Rowley's current collection, featuring wild colours, reptile-like textures and wavy lines that give the shoes the look of something that could have been grown under the sea. The New York designer, whose style was too much for many before the recent trend for Avant Garde footwear took hold, is having a big fashion moment just now, reaping the benefits of an audience that can't get enough weird and wonderful styling. 

This particular shoe, which also come in a more neutral, all-over turquoise mix, is an interesting variation on the current trend for open-sided, low cut shoes held together by straps. The uppers are liberally sprinkled with rainbow-hued gemstones that catch the light as the wearer moves, and the result really does border on being wearable art! Yours for the sum of £279.