OK we admit it - we love our flatforms! As the season of sun and sandals *cough* commences, the flat-bottomed trainers we've become used to are making way for open-toed flatform sandals, and it's at this time of year that the chunky look can really come into its own. Brands like Fendi, Kenzo and Pollini have particularly embraced the look, and with this look you can go as plain or as wildly colourful as you like.

Spanning the footwear market from high street to high end (with some choice specimens from the likes of Jeffrey Campbell et. al. thrown in to the mix as well), the flatform look is not going anywhere this summer, so if you're one of the remaining few 'haters' of this style, you may need to avert your eyes now! Love them or hate them, flatforms tap neatly in to the trend for chic and simple style, and they add loads of height without relying too much on the heel. What's not to love?

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