Nelly sandals

'Vanny' Monochrome strap heels from Nelly >>

The trend for 'two part' sandals in dual colours has really taken hold this summer, and happily for shoe shoppers it's a simple style that can be successfully rendered at low cost. Nelly is currently stocking these black and white imitation leather kicks at just £14.95 - which has got to be the cheapest take on the look that I've so far seen and liked: the rudimentary strap at the front is all that's needed to create this look, and the thick tree-trunk heel is perfect. 

If this is a look you've been wanting to try out but don't want to plough too much into the experiment, This is definitely a good option to go for! Once you've got this style in your wardrobe, however, you'll most likely be hooked as it's so 'barely there' it can be effectively teamed with almost anything: start with a long skirt and work your way up to leggings and jeans for a more daring statement,