Jade Burke writes: Alexander McQueen is of course infamous for his bespoke designs and eccentric trends, which have now been passed on to Sarah Burton. However, I have found this pair of Calf-length boots which are perhaps one of my least favourite out of the many McQueen collections.

Within the regal theme that was carried out throughout the AW13 show, these did not seem to fit in with the element of luxury that was emulated across through the elaborate fabrics and intricate designs. The boot was smothered with studs, which seemed to create an aggressive grunge effect, while the white leather which was used, looks decidedly tacky rather than elegant. These are more like Cruella de Vil than royal heritage!


The gold toe cap was actually one part of the composition within the shoe that I didn't mind, however this was short-lived as an extended piece of the metal was created to give the illusion of a tongue, a feature most used on trainers. It's mind-boggling to me; however I cannot deny that Alexander McQueen is responsible for influencing and creating some astounding pieces, it's just a shame that this pair isn't one of them.

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