Just when we thought TOMS had released all the awesome styles they were going to sell this summer, they go and hit us with more! I'm still mourning the fact that I missed out on a pair of periodic table TOMS before they all sold out, but happily it looks like there are plenty more cute styles to be had as we approach the mythical 'high summer' season. Here are a few of my faves:

Zebra TOMS shoesTOMS Natrual Zebra Zag women's classics >>

In natural colours with a semi-abstract zebra print design, these burlap classics are guaranteed to match up with all your summer casuals and create a cool graphic effect you can wear every day. They're new in on the official site and priced at £40. Next up is this rather Jackson Pollock-esque paint splattered shoes which will add a wild splash of colour to your look! 

paint-splatter-toms.pngTOMS Slatter women's vegan classics >>

Made to the vegan 'recipe' of TOMS (that is, with a specially woven fabric inner sole instead of the usual leather instep), these shoes are ultra-lightweight, making them a fantastic choice for warmer weather. They have a pale red inside upper that adds an extra cheery aspect to these cool classic shoes. Last but certainly not least, I love these faded Tropical print TOMS:

TOMS faded tropical print shoes | Shoewawa.co.ukTOMS faded tropical print women's classics >>

How cute are these? Like an already much-loved pair of shoes that have been worn a few times out in the sun and on the beach, they're ready to match with your favourite denims and casual summer gear. 

The kicker for me is that all these shoes have sold out in my size already! So I hope they'll be cropping up elsewhere: none are exclusives, so I look forward to tracking them down at my usual TOMS haunts!