seems like the perfect home for iconic boot brand Doctor Marten, and sure enough, the bootmaker now has an impressive presence in the city's Prince Albert Street. The new store has been kitted out with themed artwork by local artist Ben Duarri aka The Screen Prince, whose clients include rapper Jay-Z and singer Grace Jones. 

Check out the artwork below! 

Artwork from Doc Marten's Brighton store

This large installation by the artist features Brighton's iconic West Pier, made from DM boots: it takes centre stage at the new store, which opens its doors for the first time today. It is made from the same leather used to make the classic boots and also has 'seaweed' made out of shoe laces. The resulting piece is very effective set against a painted sunset, complete with obligatory flock of starlings!

Duarri said of his work: "This new piece for DMs is about a new generation of working class subcultures that couldn't be better symbolised than by the West Pier in its present state. The pier still stands despite previous attempts to crush it. The giant phoenix, made up of starlings, is intended as a symbol of coming together in these times of austerity and sticking together through thick and thin". 

Doc Marten's Brighton store
He added: "It also illustrates Brighton as a creative melting pot, which has bridged many cultures and created new ones."

Check out how he did it in this video:

The new Brighton store is located at 15b Prince Albert Street, BN1.