We've featured Emma Watson enough times in our 'Celebrity Footwear' section here at Shoewawa, invariably sporting an incredible pair of kicks. But if the actress is to be believed, her known love of fashion does not necessarily extend to an obsession with shoes...

Emma Watson | I only have eight pairs of shoes

(Emma in at least three of those precious eight pairs...)

Dismissing the Hollywood obsession with glamour and possessions, Emma homed in on shoe-love as the ultimate example of excessive consumerism: 

"I've got about eight pairs of shoes and that's it. But it's easy for me to sound like a total hypocrite because, of course, I'm dressed in designer clothes right now."

You said it, Emma! The 23-year old was speaking to Vogue about the extravagant wardrobes of co-stars in her forthcoming film The Bling Ring - and in particular that of Paris Hilton, whose real-life walk-in clothes closet gets raided by teenage fashionistas in the film. 

"She could never wear all of those clothes and half of them were brand new and still had the price tag on," Watson said of Hilton's collection. "But I suppose she just bought them to have them. We've all bought things on impulse, but that's an entirely different thing."

Of course, we could point out that most celebrities of Emma's calibre seldom need to buy anything - yet still get given enough designer swag to look utterly fabulous every day - so technically of course they can get away with a minuscule footwear collection. But that would just be mean...