Sometimes, our best style recommendations come not from friends, advertisements or magazine - but from what we see in our daily lives - often on public transport. This morning, while riding into work on a very hot and crowded Piccadilly Line train, I spied a rather wonderful pair of studded sandals: they immediately jumped out at me as being something I'd love to wear:

Shoes spotted on the London Underground: Kurt Geiger

Our commuter had teamed the simple shoes with a cute printed dress and leather jacket, for the perfect door-to-desk combination of cool practicality and class - and I just had to track them down! 

A small amount of research later, and I'd identified the shoes as Kurt Geiger 'Marcella' sandals in the chestnut brown leather edition. There is also a black version, and I'm incredibly tempted to bag them...

Kurt Geiger Marcella sandals

These shoes combine simple sandal styling with just the right amount of eye-catching glamour provided by a neat row of rounded-off studs that sit along the edges of the straps. A little like the classic school shoes we all wore as kids but given a grown-up make-over, these are the perfect everyday flatties to see you through the summer: practical and easy to wear but with a real touch of class. It's easy to see why our commuter chose to wear them en route into town.

Available from Kurt Geiger, John Lewis or Selfridges the Marcella shoes are priced at £75.