Sarah Jessica Parker to launch shoe collection Having made a name for herself playing the shoe-obsessed Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, the real story here could well be why hasn't Sarah Jessica Parker yet launched her own range of designer shoes? Carrie and her heels have now been in our collective consciousness for more than 15 years, so she's done well to hold off for so long from cashing in on the hype...

But the reason for the tardiness of this inevitable range could perhaps lie in the type of shoes that Parker wants to sell: delicate, Manolo-style pieces that we can believe Carrie herself would wear. These styles have only just fallen back into favour with fashion, so it was perhaps a smart move to wait until other more heavy-soled looks had played out. 

The collection, which has been devised along with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus will be sold at Nordstromit will apparently major in flats (yes, really!) and single-sole pumps - so don't expect to see any chunky platforms here. 

Now that we're beginning to embrace the charms of the kitten heel and uber-pointed toe, a Carrie shoe revival could be just about due. But it's not all about harking back: in SJP's own words: 'We're putting new colors together that people don't typically do, just beautiful combinations that you wish existed in your closet'. A line of bags is expected to follow. 

Sarah Jessica Parker's footwear collection will hit stores early in 2014.