We're all well-versed on the subject of weird shoes around here, and I'm sure that no self-respecting Shoewawa reader would raise an eyebrow at the majority of heel-less, gravity defying creations currently appearing on the open market. But I have to admit this one did make me stop dead in my tracks. 

What is going on here? And more to the point, this is not an out-there Jeffrey Campbell design: it's from stylish, classy designer Stuart Weitzman:

Stuart Weitzman 'Triboro' cut out shoe

I also have to admit that most of my objection to this style is - shall we say - anatomical in nature. The soles of my feet are already hurting just looking at this *cough* sole-less shoe, and my mind is equally troubled by the sheer impossibility of the design. But perhaps I'm under-estimating Weitzman's expertise in creating gorgeous, wearable shoes - this could be the most ergonomic footwear ever designed for all I know.

Laying aside questions of health and safety for a moment, what do you think of the look of these shoes? If someone could pull them off, do you think they'd look pretty awesome or downright derranged? If you're in the former camp, you may want to know that the 'Triboro' heel is available to buy for £364 - reduced from a "staggering" £520 - over at Farfetch.

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