Colour block slingback heels

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These candy-coloured slingback heels from Very are perfect for dressing up in the summer - and they're also a wicked price at just £15 a pop. This is a style that most probably won't outlast the summer, but while they're 'in bloom' they're sure to make a positive impact on your holiday/high summer wardrobe. 

I love the slick, almost lickable-looking uppers and think the tri-colour combinations work really well - especially in the hot pink shoe pictured left. The flash of green at the back is just perfect, and makes it look a little like a juicy, ripe watermelon! And while we're on fruit, the platform of the blue equivalent is a quite lovely shade of banana yellow. 

The 'Shearer shoe' is also available in two suedette versions, but I don't think the slingback look lends itself so well to the duller finish of the material - keep it shiny and kitsch and you can't go too far wrong!