Jade Burke writes: 
In this week's ugly shoe of the week feature, we're focusing on these disastrous wedge heels from, I'm sad to say it, Missoni. The iconic Italian fashion house is famous for its contemporary knitwear styles and quirky print combinations; however, incorporating both of these features into one shoe is a sure-fire way for an instant migraine!

The clash of the different multi-coloured yellows, oranges, reds and even blues creates, a powerful but blinding nod of 70s nostalgia. Missoni's prints are often rather adventurous and push the boundaries, but this unusual combination of tan leather and coloured knitted fabric makes for an especially ugly texture clash.


The sole of the shoe is just as mind-boggling, as the designer has chosen to use an espadrille fabric to create the brick platform effect. All of these details seem to make the entire shoe far too busy, and although the 70s was infamous for its daring prints, these shoes are perhaps a step too far.

What do you think?