As we've been saying for ages here on Shoewawa, soles are where it's at. Christian Louboutin may have kicked off the trend with his scarlet heels, but it's been picked up since then by the likes of Chloe Green with her mint green soles as well as a host of other designers who use illustrated or embossed undersoles. But what do you think about having a flash of leopard under your feet?

Red shoes with leopard print soles | Shoewawa

Sagal platform heeled shoes, £15 at Very >>

These bright red platform creations from Very are decorated with a leopard design behind the heel and on the sole, so you can see a flash of leopard from whichever angle you view them. I can't decide whether this is a cute little feature that makes the shoe that little bit more interesting and party-friendly, or just a bit 'much'. What do you think? Let us know below!