Men's least favourite shoes: Uggs

  • I'm with arvo, I'm a guy and I even raise it, not only i don't really like stilettos, but I prefer most wedges to them, the ones on this photo are just a bad model, imho.
    I also like short kitten heels and flats with little to no heel as long as their sides are very low cut (it makes them cuter and airier imho).
    About flip flops, not my favourite kind of shoes men or women. But some intra-toe shoes, like the hippy ones, are more classy.
    I also like loafers (or mocassins) as I consider them the signature unisex classy shoes, flats like loafers are nice too, but it's just a variation.
    I also like MaryJanes and ankle straps, at all heel height.
    I also find sexier if women walk comfier.
    Uggs, well I guess there are far better boots, even among fuzzy ones if that's the problem, you girls have to be critic and don't wear something just because it's in (or because a man likes it, for that matter) but because *you* like it.
    Why also not wearing sporty shoes, too, nike ones looks not nice to me, but there are far better tennis or running shoes, i don't think any shoe that is practical or covers feet is unsexy, even legs can look sexy covered in jeans.
    But with a pair of shorts, sporty shoes looks good Imho, and flatter a pair of nice toned (or otherwise nice :D) legs.

  • Ma Shoewawa

    Glad to see you have such impeccable taste in footwear, anto! This piece was intended mostly as a bit of harmless fun - and yes, I admit I did do my best to pick the most hideous examples of each 'genre'!

  • I got that it was just for fun, seemed a bit satyrical and the sterotypes forced to a comical excess. Same for me, glad you share part of my taste.
    I always liked costume satire ;).

  • aja

    apparently they just want us bare footed... because most women can't wear stilettos for long

  • arvo

    Sorry, I'm a bloke and I'm really questioning these results. Ugg-boots, crocs? Sure. Not attractive. But flip-flops? Mary-Janes? Ballet flats? And trainers? Truth I suspect is the blokes in the survey don't want a woman they're gonna have to run after.

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